Remember The Boy That Was Killed On Sunday, See What Williams Uchemba Wants To Do For His Family

Nollywood actor, businessman and philanthropist, William Uchemba, has announced his intentions to make it up to the family of the young boy, Jimoh Isaiq, who got killed by a stray bullet during #EndSARS protest.

Taking to his Facebook page, William Uchemba entreated anyone who knows the whereabout of the bereaved family to help him reach out to them.

To watch the video click here

In the said video where he made the announcement, William said he is going to give late Jimoh’s parents some money to console them although he knows money can’t raise the dead and his followers praised and showered God’s blessings on him for his gesture.


I also need the contact of the family of the police men that were killed yesterday in Lagos and the families of other victims that was effected during the protest , I heard nothing has been done for them, please if you have their contact help me with it. And if you want to also support in any you can please do. We are all they have.

(and for the sake of transparency and integrity we will post whatever we got and share it for them accordingly). My heart is broken 
because this people could have been my family members and loved ones.

Please help me with Jimoh isiakas fathers in contact information and the family of the victims that where killed yesterday. Let’s take care of them he captioned the video he posted on Facebook.