Beyonce's 'Brown Skin Girl' Song Proves That Pastor Chris Was Right On 'Black'?

Ladies and gentleman for so long AFRICANS have lost it, we have been made to accept things that were not right, things that have been said about Africa.

A recent video of pastor Chris oyakhilome surfaces when he Said AFRICANS should stop accepting that they are black and to my surprise.

lots of NIGERIANS started to attack him, well i really don't blame them because most NIGERIANS/AFRICANS are not Enlightened and this is why the whites secretly laugh at us.

Now taking a look at the new music video of Beyonce featuring Wizkid came out days ago and the song was titled "Brown skin girl"

Now was Beyonce trying to pass a message?

Why did she not use title like "Black skin girl"?

Why Brown skin girl?

What is with the name "black" that made her to refuse the name looking at the fact that according to general Believe, she is a black American.

Can't you all see that she is trying to pass the same message that pastor Chris oyakhilome is passing.

Let me ask you people especially NIGERIANS.

They say NIGERIA is the most populous black country in the world but are NIGERIANS truly black? How black are we?

A larger percentage of NIGERIANS are brown skin which is 100% fact.

There is nothing black about us so we should open our eyes and stop accepting Nonsense.

Perhaps the reason why AFRICA is where she is today is because we have accepted something that we are not supposed to accept from the beginning.

How do you expect good things to come to you when you accept that your life is black.

Little wonder BoB Marley said in one of his song. "Emancipate yourself from mental slavery' perhaps he was talking to AFRICANS.

THIS is the video of Beyonce's brown skin girl.

Now this is the lyrics to the chorus of the song.

Brown skin girl
Your skin just like pearls
The best thing in the world
Never trade you for anybody else
Singin' brown skin girl
Your skin just like pearls
The best thing in the world
I never trade you for anybody else

Now like i said, why didn't she use "black skin girl'

Perhaps she knows something that pastor Chris oyakhilome knows too that is associated with the word "Black"

She was trying to pass a message but only the Enlightened will understand.