Who Wants To Be A Bus Conductor For Life?
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Who Wants To Be A Bus Conductor For Life?

A young man really impressed me with his bus conducting skills this morning on my way to work. I have met a lot of conductors, some not too cheerful, most are grumpy and hardened because the job had made them that way, others well…… depends on the passengers.

So this wonderful glorious morning, I boarded this danfo bus, the guy who picks me to work isn’t available so it’s been public transport for a week now. All I kept hearing from this handsome Youngman man was “ O wo le, o sa re bo, oya ma canvassi lo, eeeehsss e ro ra na, aunty yen fe wo le, e se der der na” oh lord Jesus such passion, patience, cheerfulness, such control.

When elders say the youths of our generation are lazy, I have always found this to be a big disrespect to us, we do more than enough, we have taken the mess they created during their regime and made something wonderful out of it. Their failure made us very creative, the jobless state of the economy has made the entrepreneurs in us alive.

There is dignity in Labor, Legal Labor I might add. I was born into a hustling family, my mother is a great inspiration, I watched her evolve from a woman sent out of her home by in-laws to getting a degree, moving from a one room apartment, to a flat and then became a landlady, I have watched her excel at her civil service job with such diligence and branched into Agriculture and Poultry farming.

When I see bricklayers, Vulcanizers, Welders, and other artisans I feel so proud, I feel so proud to be called fellow citizens with them. Manna doesn’t fall from Heaven, even before it fell from heaven the children of Israelites prayed and fasted and trekked in the desert under the scorching sun.

Do not look down on any job, I remember a time my dad had a financial crisis, he did so many menial jobs and being a conductor was one of them, I saw him once on the job, the memory still fresh as day, he was working with so much passion that when it came to a time I was broke I found no shame in going to a building site and asking to be a laborer, I was rejected of course but was given some money to go away.

There is Dignity in Legal Labor, the work of your hands shall bring you riches in abundance if you’re diligent and believe with so much passion that you’re truly working and not showing off.

Now who wants to be a Bus “Conductor for Life? No one, it’s risky, stressful, and not healthy, but “Man must Wack” but would you rather remain idle? No!!! That’s worse. If you find yourself in this situation and there’s no other option, work a little save a lot and venture into some entrepreneurship, who knows? You might be the next Jeff Bezos.

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