Are You Broke? Checks Out Skills You Can Learn And Earn Big
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Are You Broke? Checks Out Skills You Can Learn And Earn Big

So, 4 years ago I wrote why learning a skill outside your university degree is really important, you can read about it here well, dem say who no go no know hahahahaha, Naija hard sha, e hard die, e hard pieces kudos to anyone out there holding it down because if you fit make am for naija trust me you can make it anywhere.

During my NYSC I enrolled in a fashion school to keep busy and also plan for the future incase the labor market wasn’t kind to me at least make I get backup plan ba? Anyway, I sha learn the work and I was lucky before I finished NYSC job came. The easiest job to get for a fresh graduate is always sales job and the purpose of this is to toughen you up for the real world.

Truth is sales is an interesting career building type of job, it will mould you for the real world and if you succeed in sales trust me you can succeed in any management position, its dynamism is unique. Anyway, I did sales for years and trust me when I sale ko easy mehn because Jehovah built me to be chubby, but I was just looking like pankere everyday of my life, I became a bonny structure and got massively addicted to coffee, I made money o I wont lie, but did I have the time to spend this money? No, I didn’t. sales shaped me, moulded me, gave me experience I wouldn’t have gotten if I had gotten a different job, I networked and engaged in training others as well, it built my confidence but at the end of the day I noticed I was becoming stagnant, I was doing the same thing over and over and over again, I was gaining experience in just one field without diversifying and then I decided to change career.

I have done things sha in the name of hustle, I have drastically changed from 4 years ago to today, it’s not about coming to the internet to make mouth, demean others and be a motivational speaker but I am here to still remind you that things are hard, and it might not get better soon, things are o but people still de cash out.

Let’s focus on the topic of this content mbok, I learnt fashion designing but I haven’t used it for a day, the plan is to make money and one day diversify where I open a fashion hub and outsource it to professionals. I have the knowledge already because I learnt this a while ago, but I do not have a passion for it, so it is really important if you’re going to learn a skill let it be something you really have a passion for cos this country will humble you.

Understanding Data: I honestly cannot deny that understanding and interpreting data is one of the best skills to acquire, I am currently on this path as my new career is focused on growth marketing which encompasses both digital and T-shaped marketing and this has to do a lot with collating, analyzing and Interpreting data. Truth is you do not need to be an expert in this field, having basic knowledge will get you the audience you desire and from there you can grow.

Photography/Videography/Cinematography and Graphics Design: trust me when I say professional photo and videographers are cashing out constantly, like waaaaaaaaaht. Not our olden days photographers o that we see at weddings who come to ask to snap you for like 500 Naira or so. For years now the Nigeria music and movie industry has boomed and is booming, and you can testify to the quality of contents that is coming out of the industry. TY Bello, Clarence Peters and their colleagues make a ton of money providing their services, it is important you know that they have been in the game for a long time and now they’re reaping their earned rewards. Being a Graphics designer in this era and being good at it is a testimony because if you play your cards well your works will speak for you both locally and internationally. Advertising agencies, small businesses, big businesses, freelancing gigs, just name it is going to be at your beck and call, but no be beans o because you need to put in the hours to be an expert in this field.

Digital Marketing: see ehn, concerning this level I no need to even de write epistle onto this matter, the koko be say anyone can be a digital marketer, anyone can do 1+1 and run ads on Facebook, Google, Twitter etc and cash out. There are tons of materials online to learn freely from it is one skill you don’t have to spend much money acquiring maybe just internet money and have a smart phone. Digital Marketing is complex and delves all the way to growth, performance, content, creative, email marketing etc so pick a niche and decide which one you’d like to excel in.

Fashion Designing/Makeup and Hair: I love has dynamic this skill has become over the years, growing up and visiting a tailor was gender specific, my brother visited a male tailor while my mum and myself visited a female one. Most of then sew just for their gender and weren’t even willing to experiment or go out of their comfort zone, but you see this life ehn, it is all about constant growth and we can see a lot of that growth in the fashion industry. Some male fashion designers even sew better than women in the industry, it is no more gender based and we see a lot of these people cashing out, dear naija yoot what are ye waiting for?

Makeup and Hair is another money-making skill I’d advise anyone to go into, wig making is a booming Industry and you know the funny thing? There’s this funny stereotype that a man or woman who ventures into the opposite gender’s trade will excel more than that gender e.g a man making hair for women, makeup etc will do better than a woman in that field, is this true?

Side Hustle: lol abeg make una leave me because to me side hustle is a skill, not everyone can combine 8-5 and still manage a side business. There are a lot of side hustles one can go into and the WWW has helped a lot of people start up and even prosper, a colleague told me a story of how his friend earned 30M in one day from Dropshipping my mouth dropped and spit was just drooling from the side hahahahah. Immediately I built an e-commerce store and started mini-importation shaperly. I made money o I wont lie, I am an experienced digital marketer, so it was easy for me to run ads to promote my business. I spoke to a colleague and good friend Abimbola who was into dropshipping and she put me through, gave me her contacts in China and voila I was making money until covid and dollar happened, I waited a while and decided to put a hold on it and go for my MBA in Marketing.

This writeup is about skills that are easily accessible and learnable, and I haven’t even covered half of it. There are tons of skills to learn that’s not about coding, app development, UX/UI because even me sef no get brain for this kain skills and I know not everyone can learn it, 1+1 de give me headache I no fit learn plenty coding abegi.

No kind hustle wey I never put my hand for, I don even do Tigernut Milk de supply people sef and we all know how having another source of income is very important in this economy. Salary no de reach person again, cost of foodstuffs don increase massively, Nepa bills don turn extortion and these days person gats de budget for self-protection because of herdsmen and bandits.

Learn these skills to supplement your income, but if your salary de shake your bank account every week with positive vibrations, guy you no need am just de enjoy you salary de go.