“Is This Uniform Different From The One I am Wearing, What kind of brutality is this?” – Fellow Officer Reacts To Video Of A Soldier Beating A Woman

A fellow officer of the law has questioned the integrity of a Nigerian soldier who was captured lashing the life out of a woman in broad daylight.

According to a media report, the police lashed the lady on the grounds of indecent dressing. As if that was not enough, he extorted money from some people and took the liberty of cutting off the hair of young men with dreadlocks.

His actions have been described as unlawful as it goes against the code of conduct of the army. Fellow security personnel who saw the video felt devastated about the way and manner he beat the lady by questioning his actions.

She wrote;

What is this? Is this uniform different from the one I am wearing? What kind of brutality is this? Is there no law in this country? Ooooh !! I am a woman too, that is why I am in pain. God will judge and punish this zombi 

Watch video below: