Do You Know?, US VP-Elect, Kamala Harris Niece Is Married To A Nigerian (Picture)
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Do You Know?, US VP-Elect, Kamala Harris Niece Is Married To A Nigerian (Picture)

Here is Kamala Harriss niece, Meena Harris who is married to Nicolas Ajagu a Nigerian from Nimo town in Anambra state.


Kamala Harris, Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential Pick, Is Nigeria’s In-law! |The Source

Kamala Harris

By Charles Igbo

Surprise, surprise!

If Joe Biden, the USA Democratic Party Presidential candidate, and his Vice Presidential candidate, Senator Kamara Harris, win the November election, and take charge of the White House, Nigeria can make some noise. The country can claim a little stake at the White House.

Kamara’s niece, Meena, is married to a Nigerian son, Nik (Nicholas) Ajagu.

Nik is the son of Dr. Chris Ajagu, from Nimo, Anambra state.

He works with Facebook as a Top Executive, while his wife, Meena, is a staff Attorney with Uber.

Both of them live in San Francisco, and have kids.

Senator Harris, whose mother is from India, and father from Jamaica, is the first blackwoman to be nominated as a Vice Presidential candidate of a major party in the USA.

She was also the first blackwoman to be the Attorney General of California, and the second black woman to be a Senator.

Now, if she is elected the Vice President of the US, she will be the first Nigerian in-law in the White House.

To the excitement and applause of Democrats and not a few people in America, Biden picked Senator Harris as his running mate. The popular thinking is that she would be an exciting plus, to Biden’s chances for a possible victory.