Nigerian Startups Dominates Sixth Google For Starters Acceleration Africa
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Nigerian Startups Dominates Sixth Google For Starters Acceleration Africa

Nigeria startup dominates the sixth Google for startup Acceleration Africa with six startups and joined by three from South Africa, two from Kenya and one startup from Ethiopia, Ghana, Tunisia and Rwanda.

Fifteen startups from across Africa was been selected to participate in the event and this year has 47% of the 15 high-potential startups have women co-founders and are from across seven countries and seven sectors. Six are from Nigeria;

These companies are recognized for using technology to build exciting products and solve some of Africa’s biggest challenges, with massive potential to contribute to the billion-dollar Africa internet economy GDP.
The six Nigerian startups for the event are:

Chekkit A patented consumer intelligence, engagement & loyalty software-as-a-service for authentication, and tracking and tracing of consumer goods and pharmaceutical products.

Emergency Response AfricaA healthcare technology startup connecting first responders and verified emergency-ready hospitals to emergency victims.

GeroCareA cloud-based hospital that enables individuals to provide regular home medical care for their elderly loved ones.

Nguvu HealthThe focus is to provide qualified mental health therapists to people when they need them from the convenience of their smartphones. The sessions create a safe space for people to talk to licensed therapists and maintain healthy mental health. They can be through chat or video and can happen as often as the user wants.

OneHealthA digital-first pharmacy and healthcare platform, leveraging technology to provide access to medicines, information and healthcare providers.

Vittas International (Nigeria): A tech-enabled financing platform that extends credit to healthcare SMEs in Nigeria.