How To Stop Your Phone From Overheating With This 7 Tips
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How To Stop Your Phone From Overheating With This 7 Tips

Phone users need to be mindful of how hot their phones can get, especially if paticularly hot or cold clients.

Overheating would make your phone to stop charging, display brightness deems to the minimum setting, some app functions get disabled.

When your phone is at heat it shortens your phone life and could also lead to an explosion.

In this article we are gonna list 6 tips that gonna stop your phone from overheating and make it last longer.

Keep Your Phone Out Of Direct Sunlight

Keeping your phone out of sunlight would help you avoid an overheated unusable phone, light and heat is captured by that phone as opposed to reflecting it back.

Take Of Your Case

Depending on what material your case is made up it can’t affect the temperature of your phone, most custom cases cover the phone source of passive cooling.

Turn Down Your Phone Brightness

This simple trick is also applicable to saving your battery life, turning your brightness down won’t make the battery work as hard an would create less heat.

Close Your Background Apps

Apps running in the background forces a bigger output from your battery just as a bright screen, make it a habit of closing all apps after use or install an app killer for it.

Update Apps And Software

Developers and coders are constantly finding bugs and fault in their code, many of this existing bugs can cause excessive battery usage and therefore battery heating

Airplane Mode Saves Power

The more functions you disable on your phone when it gets hot the better, switching to airplane mode can be the difference between a working phone and a dreaded hot brick.

Switch of Your Phone

Turn it off if it seems any of the listed tips above is not working for your phone, when you switch of your phone it produces no heat.

Hope with this amazing tips you were able to prevent your smartphone from overheating issues.