Sars Continue Brutalization - Nigerians Cries
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Sars Continue Brutalization - Nigerians Cries

End Special Anti-Robbery Squad is a political campaign in Nigeria opposing the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (FSARS), a unit of the Nigerian Police Force, Nigerians are weeping and crying over the unleash terror inflicted by the FSARS, Since the Government passes a bill, which gives them all the right, to harass Every citizen of Nigerian. 

A lot of lives have been a lot, and Many Innocent Youth Imprisoned for no crime committed. We continue to see and watch, How the Arm force Authority, has taken their line of Work to the streets, to Kill, Beat up and Arrest Innocent Citizen of Nigeria. 

A massive Protest has begun online, #ENDSARS, To bring an End to the pains the FSARS, is causing all Nigerians. Twitter Pictures and Scene Recorded Videos below show how, The Arm force who were trained to protect lives, Has turned to Flesh Eaters. 













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