Billionaire Without University Degree: Meet The Richest Black Woman In Africa Who’s A Nigerian

The richest woman in Africa is Folorunsho Alakija. She was born on the 15th, July 1951. She grew up in a polygamous family. Her father had 8 wives, 52 children, and several grandchildren.


Folorunsho Alakijo was the 8th child amongst the 52 children. She attended her Nursery education at Our Ladies of Apostles, Lagos from 1955–1958. At age seven, she travelled to the United Kingdom to continue her primary education at Dinorben School for Girls in Hafodunus in Wales between 1959–1963. On completion of her primary education, she attended “Muslim High School” in Sagamu, Ogu State. She then returned to England for her secretarial studies at Pitman’s Central College, London.

Folarunsho Alakijo  is a Nigerian billionaire businesswoman. She is involved in the fashion, oil, real estate and printing industries. Her net worth is $1 billion.

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