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  • Artist: Pita
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  • Release Date: March 20, 2024
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Pita Other Side Of Me Album Download

Pita, a talented Nigerian artist, is set to thrill music lovers with his latest album, Other Side Of Me. This 8-track masterpiece is a fusion of traditional Yoruba rhythms, modern production, and captivating lyrics that will keep you grooving and feeling the African vibe.

With 8 tracks to enjoy, Other Side Of Me is a musical journey through the best of Afrobeat, featuring hits like "Ifunanya", "Just For You", "Mma Mma Ekele", "Na Lie", "None Can Love Me", "Tell Them", "Thank God", and "Your Word".

Stream _Other Side Of Me_ now and experience the vibrant sounds of Nigerian Afrobeat!


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