7 Thoughts You Should Keep To Yourself In Relationships
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7 Thoughts You Should Keep To Yourself In Relationships

In a relationship, it is important to share all your thoughts with your partner – this is the general existing notion.

However, what about thoughts that might hurt your relationship? Going against the popular notion here, you are allowed to keep certain thoughts to yourself.

You might have your own reasons for doing so, but it is okay. Here are thoughts you can keep to yourself in relationships.

  •  Small quirks you find annoying

You might feel irritated by the little things your partner does throughout the day. However, if you are happy and the relationship is solid, it’s not worth focusing on the little things. It’s better to keep them a secret than to make your partner feel insecure or hurt.

  •  ​Leftover feelings for an ex

There are chances you might still be recovering from the end of a previous relationship. Or sometimes you might wonder what your ex is up to. Instead of discussing it with your partner, close friends will be a better option to do so since they will be able to keep things in perspective.

  • How you feel about his/her family

Until and unless the family is creating some sort of toxic situation, there is no need to share minor things you dislike about your partner’s loved ones. You can joke and laugh about it with your partner, but don’t say anything insulting.

  • You find his friend attractive

Though having an attraction towards another person is normal and is nothing to be ashamed of, telling your partner about this attraction will most likely only result in hurt feelings, jealousy, insecurity, and awkwardness. As long as you aren’t acting on your thoughts, keeping them to yourself is better.

  • You have doubts about your relationship

Unless you truly mean it, never say out loud that you are having doubts about the relationship. Sit on them and do some internal work before sharing such thoughts  with your partner.

  •  How you feel about their goals

When you share your life with someone, you get to talk about each other’s plans for the future, including goals and how they might impact you as a couple. However, working towards one’s goals is a personal and often vulnerable journey. You can be supportive while also respecting their individual process.

  • ​Things you miss about old relationships

Though this is absolutely normal and doesn’t indicate any sort of dissatisfaction with your current partner, you shouldn’t say it out loud to them. Instead, try to find a way to incorporate anything you miss into your current life.