I Reject The Opportunity To Become A Millionaire Some Years Ago - Nigeria Man Reveals
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I Reject The Opportunity To Become A Millionaire Some Years Ago - Nigeria Man Reveals

The devil will always come with his offer. He will always present a seemingly pleasant method of getting something desirable, particularly money and wealth. Don't forget that he made an offer of wealth to the LORD Jesus too, and he will continue trying to make us embrace sinful methods to acquire material things.

Some days back, I published an article on my official blog (sundayakanni.com) about what happened after losing my mum years back when I was just 20. In this article, I want to share some other things that happened during that period

Become A Millionaire

You know, that season was a nasty one filled with uncertainty. It was the time I was really ready to further my education in the University. I needed a lot of money. Unfortunately, the family wasn't too financially strong at this time.

So, in my quest to get equipped with information and opportunities to earn money, i met different bright youngsters with similar ambition, and we created a platform (a WhatsApp group) for motivation and information sharing. The community started on a pure note, until one day, someone discovered an easy way to make money online - via unethical/immoral blogging. The system and procedure was shared on the group, and it was working for anyone interested - you just have to always craft false and indecent content.

Several other young folks on the group jumped at it, and they started making huge amount of money each month - some were making up to 1 million naira each month (I'm talking about very young folks)

But, as I explained in the previous article, I have met Jesus before this time, and He has planted His fear in my heart. And despite how badly I needed money at this time, I exited the community (I first gave them a sermon before leaving though). It was a decision I never regretted. I kept enjoying Gods peace and pleasantness, and I go about with a pure heart

When you truly have an intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus, you will prioritize Him above anything else. Of course, He is always faithful too, and He won't leave nor forsake you. Jesus will always take good care of His own, and He always open doors for you. Jesus is so Sweet.

So I'm advising you (particularly young people) not to sell their souls to the devil by dancing to his tune just because of earthly and material things. Today, there are tons of young folks scamming others. There are many people making money through corrupt means (politicians, business people, civil servants, etc).

No excuse can justify your wrong actions. We also passed through tough times, but then refused to indulge in illegal and immoral stuff to get money. If you are currently getting money through wrong means, please repent now and ask God for forgiveness before its too late. Jesus is ready to cleanse you and make you a new creature. Just sincerely ask Him for mercy and be determined to stop doing those wrong things, and you will be saved from the nasty curses attached to those sinful stuff.

In conclusion, the Bible says godliness with contentment is great gain (1 Timothy 6:6). People without contentment will keep doing wrong stuff to make money. Be contented with what you have, don't compare yourself with others, and cut your clothes according to your size. We are all going to leave this earth one day and will stand before the judgment seat of GOD, where we will be judged according to what we did on earth. Don't allow this temporal world to push you into eternal anguish in hell. Jesus wants you to reign with HIM in Heaven for eternity. Stick to Jesus.