How Many Baby Mama Does Davido Have?
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How Many Baby Mama Does Davido Have?

An irreverent joke is currently circulating within Nigeria's social media realm: the assertion that Davido has overtaken 2Baba. Should you mistakenly link this "crown" to music, rest assured that it isn't the case. The "Risky" artist has, in fact, engaged in more daring endeavors than the former Plantashun Boiz member and has fathered children with multiple partners.

Controversy erupted recently when an American woman named Anita Williams emerged online, asserting that she had engaged in a sexual encounter with the DMW singer and was now pregnant by him. Initially, when she made these claims, many of Davido's fans criticized her, viewing her as someone who had strategically conceived during a one-night stand.

Anita swiftly retaliated, revealing that her association with Davido dates back to 2017. She also emphasized, at first, that her interest was not in Davido's financial resources.

This pregnancy revelation reignited interest in Davido's philandering and the tally of women who have borne his children. Even unfamiliar names began surfacing online, asserting that they had been impregnated by him at various points and coerced into terminating the pregnancies.

But the crucial question remains: how many women has Davido fathered children with, and who are they? This article endeavors to address that query. Join us as we introduce all of Davido's baby mothers.

Sophia Momodu: The name carries a certain resonance indeed. And yes, it's exactly what you're thinking. This woman is connected to the Ovation publisher, Dele Momodu. Sophia stands as one of the earliest figures in Davido's life and is the first to be publicly recognized as the mother of his first child

Sophia Momodu


Their relationship traces back to 2015, when she became pregnant with his child and subsequently gave birth to their daughter, Imade Adeleke. Their relationship has swung back and forth from warmth to turbulence. At one point, she reported him to authorities, alleging that Davido and his father had taken her daughter abroad without her consent. This resulted in both father and son receiving an invitation from the anti-human trafficking agency NAPTIP.

As of now, however, reports indicate that they have rekindled their amicable ties.

Chioma Avril Rowland: Chioma has largely steered clear of drama, enduring her partner's numerous indiscretions with a remarkable lack of disruption, despite their potential to be unsettling and provocative. If you find her inclusion on this list surprising, it needn't be. This is because she was a mother before she became a wife.

Chioma Avril Rowland

Indeed, before she officially became his wife (in a covert ceremony), she already had a child with him. Tragically, their son Ifeanyi Adedeji Adeleke passed away shortly after his third birthday. Rumor has it that Davido hastened their marriage as a way to compensate her for the loss and provide assurance of his commitment.

Ifeanyi's demise garnered significant attention in Nigeria. The loss was utterly devastating for Chioma. At that time, Ifeanyi was Davido's first son, and certain rumors circulated that "his death was suspicious." As of this writing, Chioma is rumored to be pregnant with his child once again and has reduced her public appearances.

Amanda (aka Laplubelle): Two years after welcoming a daughter with Sophia Momodu and a year after facing allegations of traveling with their child without permission, Davido welcomed another child with yet another woman – Amanda.

Amanda (aka Laplubelle)

Hailey Adedeji Adeleke was born in 2017 and stands as the second daughter of the DMW leader. Her mother is a model residing in Atlanta, Davido's birthplace and home. She currently resides in the same city as her daughter, with Davido occasionally visiting them.

Amanda has adeptly steered clear of much of the drama surrounding Davido's life, earning her praise from numerous internet users.

Larissa London: Larissa London has primarily remained out of the public eye regarding her connection to the father of her child. She is the mother of Davido's son, Dawson. Reportedly, Davido and Larissa began dating in 2019, leading to her pregnancy and the birth of their son in 2020.

Larissa London davido baby mama

Following Ifeanyi's tragic death by drowning in Davido's Banana Island swimming pool, Dawson has garnered substantial attention, as many view him as Davido's immediate heir. However, both Dawson and his mother, Larissa – a model and DJ residing in the United Kingdom – maintain a low profile and are rarely featured in news reports.

Additional Information: Unverified Claims and the "Expectant" For now, we will conclude with these four baby mothers, as Davido has confirmed his relationships with them all. Nonetheless, another individual remains on our list, reportedly having a child, a daughter, with Davido. However, an alleged DNA test indicated that the child was not his. Allow me to introduce Ayotomide Labinjo.

Ayotomide Labinjo

A businesswoman and model, Ayotomide reportedly bore a child with Davido. According to various sources, a DNA test conducted when the child was 10 months old suggested that Davido was not the father. Nevertheless, Ayotomide remains adamant that Davido is indeed the father of her daughter, Aanuoluwapo Adeleke.

Ayotomide contends that the DNA results negating Davido's paternity were influenced by Davido himself. She persists in demanding an independent DNA test to validate her claim that he is the father. Yet, her appeals have gone unanswered, and another independent DNA test has not been conducted.

 Ayotomide Labinjo purportedly crossed paths with Davido in a club in Ibadan in 2013, resulting in a brief liaison that led to her pregnancy and the birth of Aanuoluwapo Adeleke.

Anita & Ivanna Bay The individual who initiated this narrative, Anita, resurfaces toward its conclusion with good reason. Her revelation sparked sudden attention toward Davido's promiscuous escapades – or, shall we say, sexual indiscretions. She alleges pregnancy by him and even boldly (according to some observers) conducted a pregnancy test on Instagram Live to substantiate her claim.

Ivanna Bay Davido

Her disclosure prompted Ivanna to emerge from the obscurity of her Parisian abode and take center stage, sharing a narrative akin to Anita's – asserting her own pregnancy by Davido.

Another woman – whose name we'll omit to spare you – also surfaced online, asserting that she was pregnant by Davido. She alleges she was promised ₦10 million to terminate the pregnancy, which she did, only to receive nothing in return.