Yesterday 22 of august 2020 betkings won game?
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Yesterday 22 of august 2020 betkings won game?

Hey Guys,

Happy sunday to you all, i know many pickup fans hav been waiting to hear from me on how yesterday game went, well it was a really big day for many cash out and it was in other hand, another day for us here to try our luck again, i was really exicted seeing the first three games green but at the end of all two unwanted games and three another the other games cast it off, well not bad if we try our luck again today.

Here Is Yesterday Odds Results



98K+ WON
We would have won 98k+ but three cast it all


  • Note: This was yesterday game result and i dont give any assurance on what my future games will bring, you all stake at you own high risk, please stake game with your spear money, am not God i only try