Blackmagic (Version 1.0) Album Download

Blackmagic (Version 1.0) Album
  • Artist: Blackmagic
  • Tracks: (18)
  • Release Date: 30 November, 2021
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Blackmagic Blackmagic (Version 1.0) Album Download

Magic is mysterious. It’s a force the human mind cannot comprehend. I can’t explain how Professor Peller was able to split his wife in half and put her back together. There are some things that shouldn’t make sense, but do at the end of the day. That’s magic I guess.

Take for example, Blackmagic’s debut album. Black Magic Version 1.0 is an album of many genres that shouldn’t add up to make beautiful music, but for some inexplicable reason, the artiste makes it happen. If that’s not magic, I don’t know what is.

The album’s opener ‘Every Gademn City‘ is a thumping mix of Black Magic’s off-beat lazy rap and a call and response hook. On the track he takes a swipe at men of God that feed off people’s hopes and dreams. ‘…it’s a big business now/men of God making a fortune off a hungry crowd/they twisting bible quotes/what Jesus’ disciples wrote/even deceiving the heathens/feeding off people’s hopes’. He then ends the track with some spoken word on the subject matter. ‘Wud Up‘ feels like a 90’s hip-hop cut with its chorus and scratches, but Black Magic infuses a little bit of Afro beat singing.

It’s hard to categorize ‘Alive‘. Blackmagic jumps on the Ikon-produced beat with his patent odd flow. Meanwhile, ‘Do It‘ slows the tempo of the disc with its laid back vibe. ‘I wish I could stop- did I? /It’s not a wish that I could stop-did I? /she’s a virgin and I ain’t ready/ I tried to leave but she squeezed hard’ reveals Blackmagic on this song.

The album’s lead single, ‘Rainbow‘, is a soulful groovy track with rhymes that will you shuffling your feet. It’s definitely one of the best songs on the CD. ‘Time To Play’ is a dub-step track which sees Black Magic continue with his soulful crooning. So far on BMV 1.0, Ikon and Black Magic are creating an entirely new sound for Nigerian hip-hop. This is evident on ‘Tomorrow’, the second single off the album, where Black Magic confesses that he has a ‘really weird bounce.’ It’s an alcoholic’s song, which is about guzzling all the brew all you can tonight and not caring about tomorrow’s consequences.

African groove and Euro-pop beats are mixed on ‘System and Regular’ but Black Magic’s potion doesn’t work on ‘Detty Gel‘, which sounds lazy. He however bounces back on the rhythmic and progressive ‘Foreigner’ feat Saeon. On ‘Never Will You’, Black Magic uses a reggaeton beat mixed with his unconventional rap style.

After listening to his debut project, one thing is clear; Black Magic is the most original Afrobeats (genre of music used to classify West African pop music. Not to be mistaken with Afrobeat- the genre of music created by Fela) artist in Nigeria. He and Ikon, the project’s producer, are bringing innovation to the scene. On paper, Black Magic’s style shouldn’t work but it does. His singing, funny rap style and Ikon’s leftist beats shouldn’t blend to create good music but they do. Black Magic Version 1.0 is bold, daring, challenging and refreshingly creative. His music might be an acquired taste, but after a few spins you will be hooked by his magic. Black magic never felt so good

Blackmagic Blackmagic (Version 1.0) Album Tracklist

By: Blackmagic
Time to Play
By: Blackmagic
By: Blackmagic
By: Blackmagic
By: Blackmagic
Wud Up
By: Blackmagic
By: Blackmagic
Do It
By: Blackmagic
By: Blackmagic
By: Blackmagic
Detty Gel
By: Blackmagic
By: Blackmagic
Grafitti Luv
By: Blackmagic
When the Shayo
By: Blackmagic
Never Will You
By: Blackmagic
Blackmagic 300
By: Blackmagic


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